Monday, July 31, 2006

My Windows-to-Linux software conversion table

On my laptop I'm running only Linux (Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper Drake), without regrets.
After a few experiences with dual-boot systems, I realized that I could kiss Windows goodbye and simply enjoy the vast choice of Linux applications available out there.

Here is my (small) Windows-to-Linux software conversion table, for a happy Linux-monogamy.
* = My choice on Windows.

Instant Messaging

Pop Win Software: MSN Messenger, AIM, Y! Messenger, Trillian, GAIM, Miranda*
My Lin Choice: GAIM (multi-platform); aMSN (an excellent MSN messenger clone, with full support of the original features)


Pop Win Software: IE, Firefox, Opera
My Lin Choice: Firefox*, Opera* (click here for a guide on how to install and configure Opera in Ubuntu)

Email client

Pop Win Software: Thunderbird, Outlook Express, Eudora, The Bat
My Lin Choice: Evolution (of course Thunderbird is available too, but I really like Evolution)

Ftp client

Pop Win Software: FileZilla*, CuteFTP
My Lin Choice: gFTP (a Linux version of FileZilla will be available in the future)

Feed reader

Pop Win Software: FeedReader*, Sage FF extension
My Lin Choice: Liferea (one of the best feed readers I've tried so far)


Pop Win Software: Skype, X-Lite
My Lin Choice: X-Lite*, Ekiga

IRC client

Pop Win Software: mIRC, Xchat*, Chatzilla ext. for FF
My Lin Choice: Xchat, Chatzilla

Music player

Pop Win Software: Winamp, QMP, MediaMonkey*
My Lin Choice: XMMS

ID3 Tag editor

Pop Win Software: The GodFather, Mp3Tag, MediaMonkey*
My Lin Choice: Kid3


Pop Win Software: VideoLAN, WMP
My Lin Choice: VideoLan*


Pop Win Software: EAC*, Audiograbber, Audiocatalyst, CDex, LAME*
My Lin Choice: grip (really similar to EAC, doubles as a nice player too), LAME*

Audio editor

Pop Win Software: Audacity
My Lin Choice: Audacity*

Image manipulation

Pop Win Software: Photoshop, PSP
My Lin Choice: GIMP*/ Gimpshop

Image viewer

Pop Win Software: IrfanView*, ACDSee, Picasa, FastStone, ThumbsPlus
My Lin Choice: XnView (I really like the Win version too)

Office suite

Pop Win Choice: MS Office, OpenOffice
My Lin Choice: Open Office*

Blog editor

Pop Win Software: Performancing, wBloggar, Ecto, Qumana
My Lin Choice: Performancing extension for Firefox

Password manager

Pop Win Software: AI Roboform, KeePass, PasswordSafe
My Lin Choice: KeePass*


Pop Win Software: PGP, TrueCrypt, GnuPG, AxCrypt
My Lin Choice: GnuPG*, TrueCrypt

Cd burning:

Pop Win Software: Nero*, Easy Cd Creator
My Lin Choice: Gnome Toaster

Be sure to check also this huge list of Linux equivalents.

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  • I see you use Kid3 as tag editor, unless you are using Kubuntu Instead of Ubuntu I'd suggest easytag ( you can install it from the universe repository.

    By Anonymous Diego, at 02:28  

  • I'll give it a try, thanks!

    By Blogger Carlo, at 15:25  

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