Saturday, July 29, 2006

Google Toolbar 4 + Custom Buttons

Good news: Google Toolbar 4 (for IE) is available and out of beta.
One of the most interesting features are the Custom Buttons: to add your own button to the toolbar, just open the desired web page, right click on the search box and chose "Generate custom search".
Buttons can navigate to and search a site, display an RSS feed in a menu, and change their icon dynamically

If you're too lazy, check the official Gallery, with more than 600 buttons ready for you.

Bad news: Firefox users will have to wait.


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  • Actually, I am glad that my Google Toolbar for Firefox won't be updating any time soon. Google installed the new Toolbar on my Internet Explorer. After using it a little bit, I promptly uninstalled it and reinstalled the old version (okay, I know it will just eventually update again, but then I'll just unintsall it and reinstall the old version again). I am not happy that they combined the PageRank and Page Info buttons and have no use for most of the new features (Bookmarks, the Button Gallery, and so on). Personally, I am sticking by the old Google Toolbar as long as I possibly can.

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