Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Performancing Metrics

Performancing just launched Performancing Metrics, a new statistics service for bloggers: all you need is to sign up for a free account, follow a simple wizard and paste the resulting HTML code into your blog template. You'll gain access to a detailed report of your statistics, ordered into three groups:
  1. Visitors: visitors stats (with a detailed report of new visitors, 'repeat visitors', single sessions and Average visit length), geography, languages, browsers, platforms and screen resolution;
  2. Activity: post views (with a 'top n' of your most viewed entries), comments summary (with per day and per post averages), comments by post (with a list of the most commented articles), categories;
  3. Marketing: AdSense clicks (with ranking and avg per day), referrers, search engines, outbound links.

The overall speed (it's Web2.0, after all...) and ease of use, the clean interface, the simple graphs that illustrate the statistics and the rationally organized dashboard (which grants an easy and complete access to the features and the time span settings) make the whole experience even more enjoyable.

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