Wednesday, March 01, 2006

My ideal freeware-only machine

I keep an updated list of my favourite free tools, with some valuable options per category.
Today, I'll share with you my (current) choices, an 'ideal fresh-install setup' for a freeware-only machine:

Security and privacy:

4. Internet:

3. Multimedia:

4. Graphics:

5. Utilities:

6. Office and productivity:

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  • It is amazing how many of these freeware programs I already use. A couple of additional comments:

    1. File Manager preference is a completely subjective opinion (notice how many of them are out there). My suggestion of one to add to the machine is Explorer² from

    2. ATNotes is an excellent program that I still use, however it has been discontinued. The last version is 9.5, and is still available at as of this post.

    3. In addition to Atomic Clock Sync, may I suggest PTBSync from It is more of a Swiss Army knife utility that has Atomic Clock Synchronization, Organizer, Trayclock, Desktop Calendar and Desktop Notes.

    Thanx for the excellent blog.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 22:18  

  • Yes, Explorer¬≤ is another great tool. Thanks for your suggestions :),


    By Blogger Carlo, at 00:19  

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