Thursday, March 23, 2006

Italian ISPs Association: Proposals for the next legislature

During a recent convention, Assoprovider, the Italian association of independent ISPs, introduced a list of proposals addressed to whichever coalition will win the upcoming elections:

  • To encourage competition and market liberalization, by splitting TelecomItalia into two companies and encouraging Infratel-like initiatives;

  • Creation of a cadastre of communication resources;

  • Use of standard wireless infrastructures and promotion of wireless broadband based on non-proprietary technologies;

  • Aperture of the mobile market;

  • Encourage the convergence of telecommunications and radio broadcasting;

  • Strengthening and rationalization of the Authorities involved in Internet-related matters;

  • Institution of an Internet parliamentary commission, aimed to safeguard the individual and fundamental freedoms;

  • Consip Marketplace: creation of a telecommunications division;

  • Support to the Venture Capital development and creation of a low-cost stock market for the sector;

  • Complete revision of the current e-government and ecommerce philosophy;

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