Thursday, March 09, 2006


Goowy is a new way to bring different activities on a single browser window, through an ajax and flash-based virtual desktop: with a free subscription, users have access to a mailbox (2 Gigabytes, without POP/IMAP/SMTP access) with a contact manager compatible with CSV files from Outlook, Outlook Express, Yahoo, Thunderbird and the vCard standard; third party addresses (Yahoo!, Gmail, Hotmail and MSN) can be as well managed via Goowy along with the new mailbox.

Amongst the upcoming features, a multi-protocol instant messenger, a virtual file storage service, personal pages and a blogging platform.
Goowy's frequently used features (such as RSS, notes, bookmarks, search, Windows) can be accessed through minis, small specialized applications similar to the popular widgets: the eye candy interface implies a price in terms of system resources, which can be saved - when using older and slower machines - by using the 'lite' client.


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