Friday, March 03, 2006

Feedwhip and FeedShow

Here's a couple of new online feed-readers I discovered in the last few days:

Feedwhip keeps track of your favorite site updates, no matter if they support RSS or not: whenever new contents are published, feedwhip sends you the updates via email. The Feedwhip Me! button (a bookmarklet) makes the whole process easier, allowing to subscribe to a site with a simple click.

FeedShow is still in its beta-stage, but looks quite promising: not only - like other readers - it supports OPML (import/export of feed lists) and folder categories (à la Bloglines), but it introduces Feed-to-PDF (or other printable formats) conversion and an interesting system of revenue syndication, based on AdSense.

Update: I must admit that I'm loving FeedShow more than I thought.
After a quick registration (just a valid email address and a password) and a painless OPML import, it's a pleasure to use this little tool: it has a clean and simple interface, it's fast (really), pictures are displayed correctly (believe me, don't take it for granted) and I love the button at the bottom of every post.
The feed/folder management is as easy as it gets, and the optional three panels layout is a pleasure to use: LEFT: feeds list; TOP: posts list; BOTTOM: selected post content.
By now, In my FeedShow wishlist I'd put some hotkeys and a "display only the updated feeds" option.

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  • > a "display only the updated feeds" option.
    That's a good one => in my todo list !
    Thanks for your great comments. Thierry/FeedShow

    By Anonymous Thierry, at 14:00  

  • Glad to see something going from my wislist to your todo list! :D
    Thank you for your great tool.


    By Blogger Carlo, at 16:59  

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