Sunday, February 12, 2006

Sentinel 2.1 - Free integrity checker and more

Sentinel 2.1 is a once shareware, now completely free tool, which scans your system folder (along with up to 20 custom directories) and performs an integrity check: whenever a file (.dll, .drv, .sys, .386, .ocx, .exe, .com, .pif or .scr) fails the test, Sentinel sends it to the AV/Anti trojan software of your choice to be examined.
A built-in registry watcher will prevent unwanted and suspicious changes in the system registry (e.g. new startup entries); the secure-shutdown feature adds an icon to the desktop, which allows to perform a scan (integrity check and registry audit) and shut down the system with a single click.
Every examined file is logged, in order to be re-scanned on demand.

The results of the first scan will serve as a reference for the following tests, so be sure to scan your system with an anti virus software before using Sentinel for the 1st time.

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