Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Last Italian madness: ICAP

So your italian penfriend won't email back, stopped answering the phone and his messenger icon is always off ?

Then he's probably doing what everybody seems to be doing online in Italy right now: working hard to solve the next riddle from ICAP - Il Cervello A Prostituirsi (the italian for something like The Brain Is Going To Prostitute Itself), a competitive game crated by somebody known as GUP.

Basically, starting from a simple address (http://icap.altervista.org) and a sibylline hint (Google and Wikipedia are your best friends), you're required to add the proper key-word to the URL, in order to gain access to the next step and so on (the game has currently reached 'Part three', meaning tons of riddles and gigazillions of hours spent in front of a computer).
You'll hardly find an italian blog which doesn't mention the game or a Forum without an ICAP section where to try and "break the code" with other users.

... And this is why I'm going to put an end to this post. Now, ICAP.

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  • Hi C:/,

    How is your ICAP game going?
    clif.notes @ gmail.com

    By Blogger Clif, at 21:39  

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