Monday, December 05, 2005

Free firewalls roundup

Being a Kerio 2.1.x enthusiast, the news that Sunbelt (house of CounterSpy) is going to save my favorite personal firewall made me exult; however, the question is: will Sunbelt develop its product starting from the good-old 2.1.x or the very different [and-not-so-good-imho] 4.x?

Waiting for some more news, here's a small list of free applications you might try (unfortunately, the good Sygate has been recently discontinued by Symantec):

  • Kerio 2.1.5: discontinued a long time ago, but a solid community of enthusiasts at still provides support for this excellent tool; some weaknesses, but with CHX-I (packet filter) makes a great couple;
  • Netveda Pro: really light on resources, provides some extra-features as parental control, privacy control, pictures ratings based content blocking and more;
  • Ghostwall: Win XP, XP-64, 2000, 2003 only; no application control;
  • CHX-I: w2k/win2003/XP, packet filter; no app control;

Useful resources:
Broadbandreports Security Forum;

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