Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Fiefox 1.5

So Firefox 1.5 is finally out (and a new campaign - FirefoxFlicks - is going to be launched at being an old Mozilla aficionado since it was called Phoenix, Firebird etc. I must say I'm impressed by the speed and stability of this release.

Here's my current setup (waiting for some extensions to be updated for 1.5... are you reading CookieCuller and PermitCookies developers?):

- Flashgot;
- No Script; *
- AdBlock Plus; *
- AdBlock Filterset G updater; *
- Cute Menus;
- FasterFox: but really, FF1.5 would be fast even without this extension;

* They might overlap with some Proxomitron filters I'm using, but the mix of browser-independent and dedicated security/privacy options is unbeatable.

Check also these extesions recommended by;

BTW: the Black Japan theme is beautiful. Get it.

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