Tuesday, November 08, 2005

DRM: Sony sued by ALCEI, Electronic Frontiers Italy

ALCEI - Electronic Frontiers Italy (an Italian EFF) sued Sony BMG for using the popular, questionable DRM to copy-protect music CDs.

ALCEI refers to the rootkit as a 'virus', installed automatically, without the user's knowledge and consent, and able to cause damage to the system.
According to ALCEI, Sony BMG violated the article 392 of the Italian criminal code, (which refers to somebody who, in order to exercise a (claimed) right, arbitrarily tries to take justice into his hands, by altering, modifying, or canceling a whole software or a part of it, as well as preventing or hindering the functioning of an informatic/telematic system) and art. 615-quinquies (which sanctions every attempt to spread, transmit or deliver harmful programs, able to cause damages to an informatic/telematic system, or to the programs and data which it contains, or the interruption/corruption of its functioning).

Link to the text of the document sent to the Guardia di Finanza;
Link to the blog of Mark Russinovich, who discovered the rootkit;

(via Punto Informatico)

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