Sunday, November 13, 2005

Candidate for mayor dreams of a (free) Wi-Fized Milan

According to Zeus News (Italian), Davide Corritore, a possible left-wing candidate for mayor in Milan, launched a proposal for a 'public' Wi-Fi net, in order to grant a free broadband connection to every Milanese.
Not only being a valuable service to the town, the project would lead, Corritore hopes, to a further increase in the productivity of the City and to a payoff in terms of investments.
Far from not appreciating the idea (and the opportunity to say farewell to my DSL bills), I can't help asking myself if I'd put the whole (appealing, but 'science fictionish', I'm afraid) project on top of my administrative to-do list.

Nonetheless, you greedy ISPs out there have been warned.

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