Thursday, November 17, 2005

A.I. Web 2.0 roundup

Looking for new music/movies/books ideas? Check these smart online tools:

  • Gnod: a self-adapting system which analyzes users-submitted data and suggests new artists and titles:
    1. Gnod Music: Let gnod find out what music you like and what you don't like; submit three bands/musicians to Gnoosic and it'll suggest you new similar artists;
    2. Gnod Books: Get to know new authors and find out what other people like you like to read; type the name of an author and Literature map will display an animated map of writers that you'll probably like;
    3. Gnod Movies: Discover new movies, travel the world of film and discuss it all in the forums;
  • What Should I Read Next?: Enter a book you like and the site will analyse our database of real readers' favourite books (over 14,000 and growing) to suggest what you could read next;
  • ReaderĀ²: find new books to read in the categories of your interest;
  • Liveplasma: rich of features and eye-catching, Liveplasma shows beautiful animated maps of musicians, directors and movies that you might like;

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