Friday, October 07, 2005

Wink - when Google and social bookmarking meet

Wink is a brand-new search engine, which adds the power of Google to the responsiveness of social bookmarking services as Spurl, and Digg, providing - along with the results - tags and 'user-contributed' contents, as Wikipedia pages or 'Wink Wikis', a smart tool to limit the search within one of the possible meanings of a query. The results can be voted, blocked (to avoid spam) and tagged, allowing the user to build a customized search engine.

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  • You are invited to take a look at QTSaver, Web 2.0 microcontent engine that remixes text.
    QTSaver extracts multiple large chunks of microcontent from a single source from popular search engine sites.
    QTSaver represents search results in a more human way. Instead of the current web searching which can be very tedious - receiving vast number of results, going into websites, checking them out, locating the relevant information, storing it somewhere - QTSaver displays a single Search-Engine-Results-Page with the most relevant information.
    Please go to
    You can also get a lot of background information on my Blog

    By Blogger zeevveez, at 14:09  

  • Interesting, I'll check it out, thank you

    By Blogger Carlo, at 16:24  

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