Saturday, October 15, 2005

Traveling Magellan-style

GPS users, you'd better get your old maps out of the drawer: according to Norman Bonnor, president of the Royal Institute of Navigation, one day the GPS system could stop guiding us, mainly because of its reliance on satellites, which have a limited life-span (apart from the CryoSat...); a conspicuous part (16) of the satellites currently working (28) is on duty beyond the planned service period, and 24 are needed in order to provide complete signal coverage.

(from ITWeek via Slashdot)

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  • Well, my GPS is my life saver when I snow shoe. How do I "operate" the map with gloved hands? :)
    By the way great looking Template you have here.

    By Blogger unpapier, at 05:18  

  • eheh you'd have quite a hard time folding/unfolding it :)

    Thank you, C:\arlo

    By Blogger Carlo, at 12:20  

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