Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Skeptical views on Web 2.0 ?

With all this raving about Web 2.0 and moving everything online, a skeptical opinion is an eye-catcher: in an article published by News Forge, Robin Miller lists three reasons why internet-based applications are a bad idea:

1. Peering agreement falls apart;
2. Cut one line, cut off DSL all over Florida;
3. Mysterious outages abund

Read the full article for a close examination of the three points (the overall concern is the [still] poor internet reliability).

But seriously, is anybody actually thinking of leaving computer-based software at once, in favour of online applications (many of which are still in beta-stage) ? In 2005?
A good mix of online/offline tools, plus a certain amount of common sense shoud be the preferable solution.

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