Wednesday, October 19, 2005

RSS Power user tips

Being an avid feeds user, I couldn't be more interested in this list of 10 RSS power user tips by Steve Rubel (Micro Persuasion):

1. Build feeds for your favorite writers;
2. Got a car? Subscribe to its rss feed;
3. Merge several RRS feeds into one, then stick it on your firefox bar;
4. Track audiobooks with RSS;
5. Find cool stuff with a Inbox feed;
6. Build a library of search feeds in a heartbeat with;
7. Track Wikipedia revisions with RSS;
8. Find new desktop wallpaper with Flickr;
9. Subscribe to RSS feeds in Gmail;
10. Take a break with RSS;

I'd add a few more:

  1. Follow updated blog comments;
  2. Weather forecasts via RSS: i.e. RSSWeather
  3. Follow TV schedule updates as RSS;
  4. Keep track of your projects/to-do lists: Remember the milk and TracksLife, for example, support feeds;
  5. Be notified on changes in collaborative/shared documents: Writely and Writeboard can do it;

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