Thursday, October 13, 2005

Mobile Phones: Italy the 2nd country in the World

To realize that here in Italy the mobile phone-insanity spreads faster than any possible avian flu, all you have to do is go out and look at those 8-years old boys furiously typing sms' on their UMTS phones, or check how many mobile accounts the average guy uses.
No wonder if Italy (according to an Itu survey partially anticipated here) is officially the 2nd country (the 1st in Europe) in the World, behind Hong-Kong in terms of mobile-phones concentration (109,42 phones every 100 inhabitants) and - in absolute terms - holds the 2nd (in Europe) and 7th (in the World) place among the countries with most users.
Where Italy lacks - the Itu says - is convergence, mainly because of the different policies adopted by the (four) phone companies - not too prone to cooperate - and the feeble links between private operators and institutional bodies.


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