Sunday, October 16, 2005

Homebuilt Segway Version 2

Just yesterday I saw a guy riding a Segway near the Duomo in Milan: after a sudden burst of envy, I recalled an article about a homebrew balancing scooter, built using off-the-shelf parts and 500 lines of C; by chance (or maybe it's just a matter of Intelligent Design...) today I stumbled upon the Balancing Scooter Version 2, an evolution of the 2002 model:

Version 2 is faster, lighter, smoother, and has more range. It has 3 inches more ground clearance, it's an inch narrower so it fits through doorways better, and it has a much better steering system.

Oh, it's even Bluetooth-equipped, so you can drive it using a laptop:

I can now leave my scooter parked somewhere and use my laptop to have it come and get me

I definitely want one.

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