Sunday, October 02, 2005

Do it online - list of useful online tools

With the spreading of the broadband, a conspicuous part of our digital activities is migrating to the www.
eHub by Emily Chang (thanks, Cristiancontini) is a definitely huge, constantly updated list of web-based applications, services, resources and so on. A must-subscribe feed.

I'll add a few more resources:

  • gOffice: browser-based word processor and desktop publishing suite (free for personal use);
  • Goowy mail: free email application in flash;
  • PDF Online: online conversion from many document formats to PDF;
  • Notepaper Generator: create personalized (name, font, summary box, optional punch holes) notebooks;

edit: another interesting list from ZDnet suggests:

  • FCK Editor: web based word processor;
  • Web-based: spreadsheet program;
  • S5: standards-based slide show system;
  • Webnote: online tool for taking notes;
  • Bindows: desktop application framework;
  • Zimbra: collaboration suite

Suggestions are welcome.

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  • This is a great article. There are a lot of resources that look like they could be very helpful. Thanks for the information!!

    By Anonymous WebtrafficJunkie, at 20:42  

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