Saturday, October 15, 2005

Can you resist to click?

Well, it's quite like having a jelly in your mouth and trying not to chew it.
In the welcome page, warns you: click here for the last time before entering the project. And it's true: the entire [beautiful] interface is built in flash and allows users to explore the whole site just hovering the mouse over the contents, without a single click.
The project also proposes alternative approaches to common web elements (such as buttons activated by a left-to-right mouse gesture or a timer) and multimedial contents always under the leitmotiv: Can you resist to click? It really depends on your habits, but if the click-addiction is just too strong you can always use the Mousewrap, a funny mouse-sized cilice which will teach you not to click the hard way.

(Via Geeksquare)



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