Monday, September 26, 2005

Some serious Firefox extensions

[Updated: 02 Aug 2006]

Here's a list of Firefox extensions you should try:

  • FlashGot: highly configurable extension to make FF handle several download managers;
  • NoScript: from the same author of FlashGot, an extension to allow java and java script only for selected sites;
  • Spoofstick: extension to detect spoofing;
  • AdBlock: block unwanted ads and banners;
  • FlashBlock: displays an image instead of a flash banner; click it to see the flash;
  • Cookie Culler: cookie manager;
  • Permit Cookies: allow/allow for session/block/remove cookies by clicking a single button;
  • Tabbrowser Preferences: don't tell me you know what tabbed browsing is, until you've tried this...;
  • Tab Mix Plus: enhanced tab browsing + session saver/manager;
  • Make Link: adds a context menu item which allows you to copy links to the clipboard in text, Html or forum-code format;
  • Spellbound: checks the spell in web forms;
  • Dictionary Search: looks for a highlighted word in an online dictionary;
  • BBCodeXtra: adds to the context menu commands to easily insert XHtml, Html, BBCode
  • ScreenGrab: amazing screenshot taker (read this post);
  • Sage: RSS/Atom feed reader for Firefox;
  • Web Developer: tool for developers and designers: tons of features... a must-have;
  • Live Lines: add feeds to Bloglines or Sage just clicking the RSS button on the status bar;
  • Smooth Wheel: allows the user to smoothly scroll the pages with the mouse wheel;
  • TextMarker: highlight text in 3 different colours;
  • Growe Search Toolbar: manage more than 20 search engines, Gmail, Blogger and (really) more;
  • Mass Installer: install many extensions with a single click;
  • Performancing: full featured blog editor that sits right within Firefox;
  • Stealther: surf the web without leaving traces in your local computer;
More extensions at Mozilla Update and Extenisons Mirror

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