Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Rave post: Weather Pulse

I'm not really into weather forecasting, but it doesn't hurt to know when you can [almost] safely wash your car. Even though I was quite happy with the excellent Forecastfox, I decided to give Weather Pulse a try.
I must admit that I'm quite impressed so far: the nuisance of using a standalone tool instead of a built-in browser feature is fully paid off with a vast range of bells and whistles: Radar/satellite/doppler images from all over the World (I'm watching you right now!), ultra-detailed infos about real/felt temperature, humidity, dew point, wind, UV index, visibility, pressure, sunrise/sunset time; hourly and 10 day detailed forecast, weather alerts (even via e-mail), fully customizable tray icon, weather desklet, wallpaper, skins support and more: all in an intuitive and nice GUI.
To start, just install it (really quick), when required type your location and you're done.

And, well... it's free.

P.S. Another thing I like is the attention the developer pays to customers' requests: after a user reported in the official forum an
issue of the new release with Win 98/ME, they immediately fixed the bug and released a new build (quite an uncommon
policy, considered that many companies are slowly abandoning the Win 98 crowd).

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