Saturday, August 05, 2006

After more than 40 millions euro, this is what (an ambitious, multilingual portal supposed to become the institutional reference point for the tourism in Italy, which was expected to be online by March of 2006) looks like; by now, the words "the Italian Tourism Portal is Coming Soon" mean that the site will be ready by 2007, as the Vice Prime Minister recently declared.
Meanwhile, the Government launched a new online campaign, called Turistiprotagonisti, consisting of another page (the proper site will be available on August 21) meant to collect impressions, suggestions, ideas and pictures from Italian tourists, which will help improve the national tourism industry.
Should the average Italian taxpayer interpret this web-prolificacy as a positive attitude of the Government towards tourism and technology or rather as a worrying symptom of confusion? I guess we'll find out in 2007.

From Punto Informatico

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Friday, August 04, 2006

The Skeleton Mod

This gigerish pile of bones and cables isn't coming from the set of EXistenZ: it's one of the winners of the annual case mod contest promoted by ExtremeTech.
From the same contest: the TIE Fighter, RD-D2 and the 800 Mhz Teddy Bear

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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Startup Review

There's a new feed in my reader: Startup Review, a weblog by Nisan Gabbay, keeps track of the latest US-based Internet-startups, providing an in-depth case study per week (the Craiglist Case Study is the first available review).

From the first post, Long Introduction:

Startup Review will be a blog that profiles successful Internet start-ups in a case study format. The case studies will be fairly detailed, analyzing the key factors that made the companies successful, with an emphasis on strategy and product decisions. Each case study will also have sections discussing launch strategy, exit analysis, and links to other good analysis on the company.

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Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Is someone plagiarizing the fruit of your hard work?
Now bloggers can unmask their less creative 'colleagues', thanks to Copyscape:

Copyscape is dedicated to defending your rights online, helping you fight against online plagiarism and content theft. Copyscape finds sites that have copied your content without permission, as well as those that have quoted you.

(I guess I'm going to be copyscaped for this quote...)

Copyscape is free, but the most demanding users might want to consider the Premium service, with unlimited searches and a tracking feature, and Copysentry, which scans the web on a daily basis and sends e-mail alerts.

And if you're looking for a deterrent, you can put the Plagiarism Warning Banner on your page.

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Monday, July 31, 2006

My Windows-to-Linux software conversion table

On my laptop I'm running only Linux (Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper Drake), without regrets.
After a few experiences with dual-boot systems, I realized that I could kiss Windows goodbye and simply enjoy the vast choice of Linux applications available out there.

Here is my (small) Windows-to-Linux software conversion table, for a happy Linux-monogamy.
* = My choice on Windows.

Instant Messaging

Pop Win Software: MSN Messenger, AIM, Y! Messenger, Trillian, GAIM, Miranda*
My Lin Choice: GAIM (multi-platform); aMSN (an excellent MSN messenger clone, with full support of the original features)


Pop Win Software: IE, Firefox, Opera
My Lin Choice: Firefox*, Opera* (click here for a guide on how to install and configure Opera in Ubuntu)

Email client

Pop Win Software: Thunderbird, Outlook Express, Eudora, The Bat
My Lin Choice: Evolution (of course Thunderbird is available too, but I really like Evolution)

Ftp client

Pop Win Software: FileZilla*, CuteFTP
My Lin Choice: gFTP (a Linux version of FileZilla will be available in the future)

Feed reader

Pop Win Software: FeedReader*, Sage FF extension
My Lin Choice: Liferea (one of the best feed readers I've tried so far)


Pop Win Software: Skype, X-Lite
My Lin Choice: X-Lite*, Ekiga

IRC client

Pop Win Software: mIRC, Xchat*, Chatzilla ext. for FF
My Lin Choice: Xchat, Chatzilla

Music player

Pop Win Software: Winamp, QMP, MediaMonkey*
My Lin Choice: XMMS

ID3 Tag editor

Pop Win Software: The GodFather, Mp3Tag, MediaMonkey*
My Lin Choice: Kid3


Pop Win Software: VideoLAN, WMP
My Lin Choice: VideoLan*


Pop Win Software: EAC*, Audiograbber, Audiocatalyst, CDex, LAME*
My Lin Choice: grip (really similar to EAC, doubles as a nice player too), LAME*

Audio editor

Pop Win Software: Audacity
My Lin Choice: Audacity*

Image manipulation

Pop Win Software: Photoshop, PSP
My Lin Choice: GIMP*/ Gimpshop

Image viewer

Pop Win Software: IrfanView*, ACDSee, Picasa, FastStone, ThumbsPlus
My Lin Choice: XnView (I really like the Win version too)

Office suite

Pop Win Choice: MS Office, OpenOffice
My Lin Choice: Open Office*

Blog editor

Pop Win Software: Performancing, wBloggar, Ecto, Qumana
My Lin Choice: Performancing extension for Firefox

Password manager

Pop Win Software: AI Roboform, KeePass, PasswordSafe
My Lin Choice: KeePass*


Pop Win Software: PGP, TrueCrypt, GnuPG, AxCrypt
My Lin Choice: GnuPG*, TrueCrypt

Cd burning:

Pop Win Software: Nero*, Easy Cd Creator
My Lin Choice: Gnome Toaster

Be sure to check also this huge list of Linux equivalents.

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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Google Toolbar 4 + Custom Buttons

Good news: Google Toolbar 4 (for IE) is available and out of beta.
One of the most interesting features are the Custom Buttons: to add your own button to the toolbar, just open the desired web page, right click on the search box and chose "Generate custom search".
Buttons can navigate to and search a site, display an RSS feed in a menu, and change their icon dynamically

If you're too lazy, check the official Gallery, with more than 600 buttons ready for you.

Bad news: Firefox users will have to wait.


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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Italian ISPs Association: Proposals for the next legislature

During a recent convention, Assoprovider, the Italian association of independent ISPs, introduced a list of proposals addressed to whichever coalition will win the upcoming elections:

  • To encourage competition and market liberalization, by splitting TelecomItalia into two companies and encouraging Infratel-like initiatives;

  • Creation of a cadastre of communication resources;

  • Use of standard wireless infrastructures and promotion of wireless broadband based on non-proprietary technologies;

  • Aperture of the mobile market;

  • Encourage the convergence of telecommunications and radio broadcasting;

  • Strengthening and rationalization of the Authorities involved in Internet-related matters;

  • Institution of an Internet parliamentary commission, aimed to safeguard the individual and fundamental freedoms;

  • Consip Marketplace: creation of a telecommunications division;

  • Support to the Venture Capital development and creation of a low-cost stock market for the sector;

  • Complete revision of the current e-government and ecommerce philosophy;

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